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If You're not a vegetarian, and/or superstitious then get lost, please. Thanks!

Any statement characterizes no one but its author; 
and only when others react to it, it draws their portrait. 

(my deepest delusion)

If You need exact & valuable information then search somewhere else. All information is a personal (possibly wrong) opinion. All mentioned trade marks are property of their legal owners. All copyrighted materials have been placed for reference only. Final Fantasy (c) SQUARE, Windows (R) Microsoft, etc. * * * * * * Everything here is a demonstration of my dullness and nothing more. Just make laugh (not war!) on me--StupiT, and please remember this: Only much more stupid fools can hold grudge against stupid fools! :] * * * * * *

External resources
N4G.com — All the latest game news
andriasang.com — Video Game News From Japan
Bestiary.us (In Russian)
Godsbay.ru — Mythology (In Russian)
Kurufin.narod.ru — European names: meaning & origins (In Russian)
Librivox.org — Audiobooks
Lingoes.net — Dictionaries
Susi.ru — Jap.dict. (In Russian)

Information about Final Fantasy 7 and more
Alhexx, Ficedula, Mirex, Qhimm

About Final Fantasy
In English
Final Fantasy VII Web Novels — Before Crisis jap2en script & more
Final Fantasy at Wikia.com
GameFAQs.com — FF7 (PS), CC, FFT (PS), FFT (PSP)
Gunshot Romance — Before Crisis jap2en translation
Mythology.terrapolis.org — "The Squaresoft Repository"
RpgClassics.com — FF7,8 Characters, monsters, items...
ShatterHeart.net — Crisis Core script & more
SilentTweak.net — Crisis Core jap2en script
Wikipedia - Final Fantasy VII

In Russian

In Japanese
Gs' Cemetery >> FFT — FFT script
Rain.serio.jp — FF6..9, X, X-2 - Items, Magic, etc
Rokoran.com — Final Fantasy VII Script. Crisis Core Script, Mail, Missions
www4.plala.or.jp/rei-kamizuki — FF7, 8 script

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I'm ugly old man, without education, but with many illnesses
(Demented psycho-buffon [without striped baton] — diagnosis of Dr. D.,
verschroben — self diagnosis [one of many...]).
I understand English a little and my Russian is very poor. Sorry.
Visit me (unreally): Ward No.666, hospital bed No.13
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